"I have known Anthony Rogers for many years.  His professionalism, work ethic and dedication to his clients are outstanding.  Whether it is locating hard to find individuals, or assisting attorneys with trial preparation, he is extremely resourceful and will not stop until his task is completed."
C. Martin Esq.
Saint Petersburg, FL
"Anthony has assisted me as an investigator in several cases, including my calling him as a witness in a jury trial.  He has an uncanny ability to locate witnesses.  Anthony is also a real asset when meeting with clients.  He develops a rapport and trust with my clients that allows him to get information that I could never get on my own."
Ryan Willis Esq.
Law Firm
Raleigh, NC
"I want to thank you for the great work you have done for Manning & Crouch over the past six years. In addition to your fine work conducting general investigation and witness location work for us in major felony cases, you have done superb work for us in our sex crimes cases and First Degree Murder death penalty cases. In the time we have worked together, we have not sustained a single death penalty verdict, while handling twelve or so cases where the work began with the prosecution announcing its intention to seek the death penalty. You have been able to find and interview witnesses we were unable to find any location information on; and, as a plus, you have been able to effectively interview witnesses who refused to speak directly to me or other attorneys working on cases with me."
Thomas Manning
Manning Law Firm
Raleigh, NC

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